Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

I went back and forth on the whole feeding kangaroos and taking a picture holding a koala thing. I boycott zoos and anytime someone suggested I visit the SeaWorlds here, I politely declined. I’m acutely aware how tourism is one of the many factors in animal abuse so I try to avoid being part of […]

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Hipmunk City Love: Unique Things To Do In Hong Kong

Blog Post Type: Planning a Trip to a City Hong Kong is unique in of itself. As a former British colony and located within China, it has a special history. Lonely Planet describes it as having, “a complexity that eludes definition, sometimes even by its own people.” You could “be soul-searching near the Chinese border, […]

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Hipmunk City Love: Beaches in New York City

Blog Post Type: Expert Opinion Piece I will admit that people don’t visit New York City for the beaches. Even though the city is surrounded by water, it’s not one of the city’s claims to fame. The few beaches found in the city do not resemble the crystal clear waters and white sands found on […]

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