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Adventures in Telemarketing

I want to let you all in on a little secret; no one wants to be a telemarketer. That’s right! No one dreams of it, no one wants it, no one likes it. It’s one of the last resorts for people who have trouble finding work. read more…

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graffiti in melbourne

Graffiti In Melbourne

Yes, this will be a lazy post. The type where I post a bunch of colorful pictures and you “ooohhh” and “ahhh” over it. Maybe you’ll even pin some on your pinterest board. read more…

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Sales and Marketing for Backpackers

I’m just going to jump right into this. I’ve been looking for jobs in Melbourne and I’ve been sending out my stuff to anyone and everyone. I’m applying for stuff I have no experience in and stuff I have no interest in. The problem is I need a job and the most plentiful jobs for […]

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My First 24hrs In Melbourne

Let me just start by saying that I knew flying to Australia was going to take a long time but dayyyuumm, it was long. Even sitting- NAY- lounging in business class still didn’t make the flight seem any faster. There’s just no way I could have sat in steerage for 20+ hours. It was also […]

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Where IS The Gos??

I’ve been selfish people. For months now I’ve been kept company by a cardboard head that is gradually no longer looking like Ryan Gosling. Okay don’t panic, I may be exaggerating a little at that last part but it will happen eventually. The way I manhandle him and the places we go, he’s bound to […]

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Melissa Has Created A Life Event

Well, it’s finally happened, I am now a member of an exclusive and very old club. I’ve learned the secret handshake, I’ve got the membership card, I have access to the old timey members lounge with smoking jackets and leather chairs…I have waited my whole life for this moment and I can now say without a […]

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Taste of the UK in NYC

It all started when I messaged two of my friends from the Haggis Adventure tour I took in January 2013. I told them I was craving Irn Bru and from there we did some reminiscing. The conversation ended with those two biatches planning to meet up in Paris without me. I’m being unfair since I […]

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