Why I Left Melbourne

They say, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. I say to hell with that. When life hands ME lemons, I find a new life. And that’s exactly what happened with Melbourne. read more…

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Top Business Hotels in New York City

Blog Post Type: Best of List New York City is a popular destination for everyone whether you’re a solo traveler, family, friends or newlyweds. As one of the largest cultural hubs in the world for fashion, food, music, and history, it’s no wonder that people visit the city for business as well. There is no […]

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Beware the Yarra Trams Police!

I can’t even tell you guys how many times I’ve seen people stopped by the Yarra Trams police. These are government employees that patrol the trams and tram spots, with badges and special scanners, to see if people are trying to get a free ride. If they catch you, you can pay $75 on the […]

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Top Luxury Hotels in Honolulu

Blog Post Type: Best of List Honolulu is one of the premier destinations in the world. Beaches, nightlife, an international food scene, stunning jungles, and adventure activities lead in large influxes of tourists each year. As the biggest city in Hawaii, it’s one of the international gateways between the West and East. read more…

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A Guide to the Top Attractions in Singapore

Blog Post Type: Expert Opinion Piece Singapore is a little country south of Malaysia that serves as Southeast Asia’s representation of the West. Hundreds of airlines fly in and out of Changi Airport daily, bringing in large numbers of tourists looking to have a little fun in the modern city-state. As a playground to travelers, […]

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Unique Things To Do In Bangkok

Blog Post Type: Expert Opinion Piece In recent years, Bangkok has become more popular since being featured in “The Hangover II”, “Only God Forgives”, and “American Gangster.” It’s the exotic capital in the East that some people dream about visiting. While flights to Bangkok can be expensive, hotels in Bangkok and any tourist activities are quite cheap. read more…

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Top Family-Friendly Hotels in Boston

Blog Post Type: Best of List Some cities are known as a particular destination for a particular purpose. People go to places like Hawaii or somewhere in the Caribbean for a honeymoon. Others may go to London or New York for business. Boston is often a destination for people who want to spend time with […]

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Travel Photo Roulette 95: Street Art

I have the honor of hosting round 95 in the ongoing series, Travel Photo Roulette. I won Round 94, generously picked by Claire over at ZigZag On Earth, so now I get to pick a theme and pick a winner. This week’s theme is Street Art. Inspired by all the stuff I’ve been coming across in Melbourne, […]

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No Nuns In The Abbotsford Convent

I just want to shed some light on a tiny area in Melbourne. I first went to the Abbotsford Convent with some friends to check out a restaurant. Then I stumbled upon it again when I was cycling along the Capital City Trail which goes right through the grounds. read more…

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