Hipmunk City Love: Day Trips From Punta Cana

Blog Post Type: Summary of a City Guide I could regale you all about the beautiful beaches found in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I could describe the white, silica sand and the clear, turquoise waters but I won’t. I won’t give you a list of all the snorkeling, scuba diving, and other sports you can […]

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Hipmunk City Love: Family Friendly Hotels in Anaheim

Widely-recognized as the home of the west coast Disney theme park, Anaheim, California, offers plenty of attractions for families with kids. The close proximity of Disneyland, however, provides the ultimate draw for families who flock here all year long to get face time with Mickey and Minnie. With so many families coming to Anaheim, where […]

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Yelp Reviews, A Study

A lot of what I’ve been posting on here lately are paid posts about places and things I’ve never done or visited. I do them so I can eat and go to AFL games (I’m obsessed). These articles do take some research but oftentimes I end up on TripAdvisor or Yelp to see what the […]

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Hipmunk City Love: Best Luxury Hotels in Toronto

As Lonely Planet says about Toronto, “When the weather is fine, Toronto is a blast: a vibrant, big-time city abuzz with activity: some of the world’s finest restaurants, happening bars, clubs and eclectic festivals are found here.” As the most populous city in Canada, it’s no wonder why people flock to visit it. The city […]

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An American Explains the AFL

When one finds oneself in Australia, one must partake in authentic Australian traditions. Besides barbecuing things on the barbie and wrestling crocodiles, Australians take part in their own sport. They call this Australian Rules Football. The AFL stands for Australian Football League. Rather, it’s a take on rugby with some slight differences. read more…

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Hipmunk City Love: High Tea in Amsterdam

Blog Post Type: Summary of a City Guide Canals, the infamous Red Light District, and weed are three things that immediately come to mind when thinking about Amsterdam. Lonely Planet describes it as “Seventeenth-century buildings. Joint-smoking alien sculptures. Few cities meld history with modern urban flair like Amsterdam.” read more…

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