improv everywhere

Making Scenes With Improv Everywhere

Some of you may be aware of the group that calls themselves Improv Everywhere. They are described as, “… a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” I don’t remember how I first stumbled upon them years ago but I recall one of the first videos of theirs […]

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Hyde Park on Hudson

A few days scattered throughout the year, the U.S. National Park Service grants free admission to a large number of its sites. I’ve never managed to take advantage of this opportunity until a couple of weeks ago when the service was celebrating its 98th birthday. I decided to revisit one of my favorite national park […]

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QRG: Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

In this 7 part series titled “Questing Ryan Gosling”, I am going to republish my posts from my other blog to combine the two. These posts are the history of how I came to be traveling with a cardboard cut out of head of Canadian actor, Ryan Gosling.   read more…

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Volunteering at Heart-Tokushima

I volunteered for a week in Thailand and enjoyed my time doing it. When I booked my flight to Japan and figured out how long I was going to stay for, I wanted to try my hand at volunteering again. I purposefully looked for volunteer opportunities with animals because it’s universally known that animals are […]

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Cost of 5.5 Months Of Travel

“I’d sure like to have your money tree”, “What’s it like being independently wealthy?”, “It must be nice to be rich”. These are the things I’ve heard before, during, and after my trip and it’s annoying. People, you’re smarter than that. If I was rich I’d be living in Hogwarts, eating from my ice cream […]

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